who’s side is he on?

who’s side is he on ? this is supposed to be war on the virus. hospitals are full of covid-19 patients. retired doctors and nurses and military national guard are helping regular doctors and nurses fight this virus. After telling these medical warriors he appreciates what they are doing what does he do ? he calls social distancing politically correct. he tweets protesters to liberate the states of michigan, minnesota, virginia. social distancing and stay at home orders are all that is holding the tide of covid-19 patients at our hospitals. does he care about any of our medical and first responders? does he care about the bodies filling emergency morgues ? does he really care about this war ? ask yourself – who’s side is he on ?

11 thoughts on “who’s side is he on?

  1. niasunset

    God be with you all…. In such a days like todays we understand how important to be president in a country. We live such a crazy things too… But people die… One day history will tell everything… Be careful and stay at home dear John, Love, nia

  2. TamrahJo

    Most politicians, especially in election year, on on whatever side their campaign manager tells them they need to ‘address/gain support in’ just now – the rest of the time? Whatever side they think might forget what they said 2.5 years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds ago – fortunately – short term memory has taken hard hits here through distraction, overmedication, and busyness/overwork – so, for them, at least, it seems like a doable project to contradict themselves continually – and I (ahem) and speaking about the majority of national serving elected officials – who live in their own lil ‘reality’ bubble – LOL


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