wednesdayless words

it is after midnight. closer to 1 am. so even though this post is for the previous day at the very least for poetic license for the rhyme being so to speak we will go with wednesdayless. spell checker be damned. it was a good day to acquire alfalfa pellets. the bag emphasizes that they are for horses. or just about any other farm animal, goats, sheep, rabbit, and a few others. and they are also good for daylilies and other garden plants. alfalfa is a natural growth stimulant for other plants. so for seedlings and new transplants it gives them an added boost. otherwise it was chilly today. nothing accumulated yet and it was that white fuzzy looking precipitation. tomorrow warmer. and wet un-fuzzy precipitation. fight the virus, shelter in place, thank a medical responder, thank first responders, show empathy everyone needs some now. we are in this together. we can do this.


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