warm rain

it seems to becoming a habit. perhaps that thing referred to as spring is going to take over. throw in a few nearly dry days and even a bit of sun and i will fall victim to its lures. i would miss the news dearly. well almost. too many are rushing to heal the economy. and most would do this at the expense of the humanity. that thing the smart people keep talking about – testing, contact tracking, isolate the disease. confine it. then we can start the economy. otherwise too much of this intended business will go to the hospitals. and they neither want it nor need it. fight the virus, test for the virus, shelter in place, thank a medical responder, thank first responders, show empathy everyone needs some now. we are in this together. we can do this.

2 thoughts on “warm rain

  1. Dan Antion

    Could you drain a little more rain from this clouds before sending them east, John? I’m liking the warm, but we’ve had enough wet.

    Take care.

    1. John Hric Post author

      The rowboat I got did not have a ‘drain clouds’ button. Which is probably why nobody here complained about my lack of judgement. Personally I loved the sucking and plumping sound when I dig in the mud.. Enjoy the weekend Dan. Rumor has it that it may stop raining here at camp Kranauder. Spell check suggests camp Defrauder. ????


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