yesterday’s flower was purple. today’s is the palest pink. both are about 7 inches 17.7 cm. there is a pale lavender seedling from this group. with a little luck i will find out which of these were saved if they bloom this summer. as much as i like them there is only so much room in the garden. and so the garden changes. some plants stay and some plants go.


8 thoughts on “sib

  1. kalabalu

    To get a place in your garden, we must bloom and spread fragrance for you to decide. which one will stay and which will go. Survival for the prettiest fragrance and more, the owner gets a chance..and if I go will I find a wilderness , a forest to live my life as an ordinary.

  2. Washe Koda

    Cool 😎 my 7 Day’s plants have all but died off in the last five years and they used to like the sheep dip I gave um every spring ❗️ 💐 I spred spent cat litter once a long time ago and think I killed em 😢

    1. John Hric Post author

      Yes the gardens continue. With that scoundrel in charge I think I will have to change the line to ‘some of us are in this together.’ He has changed his line from 5th Avenue to the emergency rooms, the meat processing plants, and nursing homes.


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