i want to say bee-got instead of begat. and that is is not at all correct. a gardener took the pollen from one flower and put it on another flower. tonight it starts with Trahlyta. Trahlyta was crossed with a flower called Persian Pattern. that produced a flower called Starman’s Quest. Starman’s Quest was crossed with Malachite Prism producing Smoke Scream. Smoke Scream was crossed with a seedling here in this garden 11-0730-A Dessert Icicle x Autumn Minaret a yellow flower and it produced Silent Sentinel. there are a lot of other Smoke Scream seedlings here. for tonight this is plenty. the pictures are in the order described above. make notes on how the colors and patterns combine while the garden fairies suggest how the flowers should pose…

7 thoughts on “history

    1. John Hric Post author

      Aww shucks Dan. To be honest all except the last took place in other gardens. Several other gardens. There are however quite a few other Trahlyta and Smoke Scream seedlings here.

  1. susansdailygarden

    Always love when you share the Smoke Scream crosses. Malachite Prism is new to me. I see a little of the coloring of Just Plum Happy in there – my husband’s favorite. But way more bold.


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