what ?

how could something get in the way ? something did. it must have been a busy weekend for me to miss the first day of daylily bloom. the species daylily sent up the signal. bloom season for the rest of the daylilies is about three weeks away. give or take a few days or a week depending on how the weather and the garden fairies feel about things. so here is the spent blooms from the day i missed. today’s bloom. and a flower that should bloom later this summer…

9 thoughts on “what ?

  1. TamrahJo

    I nearly missed the buds of the poppies/lilac/poplars/plums – then a cold front moved through, ‘nipped each of them in the bud’ and I a week or so later, mourned some losses and cheered over other buds forming – alas – work keeping me more in front of computer than walking the property multiple times a day and just observing – but now, alas, it seems, perhaps – no poppies this spring – perhaps they shall rally for fall? but I missed the ‘first blooms’ of the irises – there were none – then small, close to the ground ones, and sigh – the lilac has one blossom on it, faded past it’s optimum glory and I wonder – “When did that happen and how on earth could I have missed it?!?” – sigh – sigh – sigh –


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