purple x purple

take two purple flowers. cross them. the seeds will still be the standard black pearls that daylilies produce. now the new flowers those will probably be purple. or they may be some other color. you really never know what is lurking in those daylily genes. sometimes two purples can drift into white. and that is another story for another night. because this seedling is still purple. first the two parents and last the seedling…


7 thoughts on “purple x purple

    1. John Hric Post author

      to borrow a quote from Bill – I did nothin ! And there are far worse songs to get stuck. A good Corona will work that loose and change the jukebox melody. Switching to flip-flops has also been know to help…

  1. Charlotte Hoather

    Lovely photos I had some of these lilies as a gift last weekend in a full range of rainbow colours, I hadn’t realised they came in so many colours I thought lilies were just orange.

    When they were fully open my fiance George walked too close to them and his clothes got covered in yellow/orange, he cut all the middles out of them now they’re not so pretty.


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