even garden fairies get the blues

this is not like the country western song. the start of this season’s daylily bloom appears to be one where the garden fairies have said enough of winter and spring. bring it on. usually there is a pause here and there as the season starts. a day or five where one or another plant is ready and no one else wants to plant. not this year. with a dozen or so Stella’s Ruffle Fingers kids here there are no shortages of flowers to start the show. today Stella ruffled her fingers and joined in the show. just one flower to start. and if you look at all the scapes on that clump you can see she is sincere about joining the show…


7 thoughts on “even garden fairies get the blues

  1. carylbeach

    Very pretty, I have one in a pot which had some kind of pest infestation a few years back- but it survived and now looks to flower again this year fingers crossed. The Agapanthus has thrown up some promising buds too- can’t wait! Enjoy your garden and the fairies! 🙂


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