aught seven

Witches Brew asks are not you going to enjoy the month of aught seven ? the summer solstice is eleven days gone. days are slowly getting shorter. today there were 14 hours 44 minutes and 44 seconds of sunlight. tomorrow will be 20 seconds shorter. the daylilies are doing their thing and they will eventually succumb to statistics. it just won’t be anytime too soon. so enjoy summer and Witches Brew with the brew of your choice…

8 thoughts on “aught seven

  1. John Hric Post author

    It has been breezy here the last couple of days. At least breezy enough to take the edge off the heat. And the ceiling fans help at night.

  2. niasunset

    I don’t like hot summer days but autumn and winter make me worried… Could it be a nice and safe feelings/dreams for us under the coronavirus days…
    I love your plants/flowers, filling my day/my humble world. Thank you, stay in safe… Have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

    1. John Hric Post author

      Nia stay safe and healthy. The virus is out to make us all a little bit crazy. I am glad the flowers bring you joy. You have a good weekend too.

      1. niasunset

        Thank you so much dear John, I am at home… and the new explanations about virus don’t seem good… My life indoors… as many people. stay safe, Love, nia

  3. TamrahJo

    I’m just trying to keep up with my internal clock, after millenia of ancestor training/lessons, that says, “make hay while the sun shines’ and I find myself, despite best intentions, once more hitting my internal cycle of 20 hour days, figuring, I can rest when the days grow shorter or snow storms buffer the busyness of the world around me on various fronts – I for one, drink in the sun/longer days – but the older I get, the more quickly I look forward to the days to come where the cycles of the universe and sun, moon and the planet I inhabit all line up to say, “it’s fine – you can hibernate for 12 hours tongiht, maybe all day tomorrow, no one will even notice you’re not johnny jump up on the spot – – LOL

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