it is the half way point in the season. several daylilies are done for the year. bloomed out. finished. some are a bloom or two from being done. and others have not yet started. some crosses were missed. some never took. some took and then faded, withered, and fell off. and some, some took. seed pods are forming. it will take about two months for them to ripen and split open. and so i sit here at mid season thinking about what crosses to make in the remaining time. rationalizing. something mother nature approaches in a completely different way…


10 thoughts on “rationalizing

    1. John Hric Post author

      Be careful CK. The withdrawal gets us all. I have to tell myself that the earlies are done and it is normal. My options are not limited. I can work with the lates. Now witch way is this intervention going, for you or is it affecting the yucca ? Gardeners don’t need intervention. Gardening is well-being medicine with no dosage restrictions. So if that is the intervention don’t do it.


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