lost and found

often before a plant leaves this garden it is set aside. it is dug up and the root ball is set on the ground. not dug in and planted. it is simply set on the ground. they usually grow. this one was dug and set aside this spring. then it was moved again. that may account for its only starting to bloom now. or it just might be a naturally late blooming plant. either way it was a pleasant surprise to find blooming at the edge of the garden. pale pink with long skinny petals. somehow its pollen managed to fall on this flower from a few days back. two late pinks. perhaps something pretty will come of this…


8 thoughts on “lost and found

  1. NewEnglandGardenAndThread

    Lovely. 🙂 I had some Caladium bulbs that I could not get to grow this spring so I pitched them in what I call the pucker brush bordering the property. Last week, I was out there dropping off weeds and branches, and there they were blooming beautifully while buried in yard waste. I picked them up and put them in their original spot in the shade garden. They earned it. 🙂


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