i will know it when i see it. maybe. will it be special ? stand out from the crowd ? will it be polished its facets shining ? maybe. or will be rough ? rough all over with no hints of what is hiding inside. will it behave in ways that confuse ? make me pause and think about things i might not yet understand. this could be one of those. any one of those situations just described. it pretty much has the pause part. why ? well it is a brown color. which usually means purple is hiding somewhere under layers of other pigments. or maybe red. the petals have a dark edge. there are dark midribs. well two out of three and part of the third. and then there are the dots or freckles or what ever you wish to describe them. this is the part where the gardener gets to look at the assembled puzzle and wonder how to take it apart. wonder how it might be reassembled. so yeah i will know it when i see it. then i will also know things are about to get more complicated. start looking for another flower that i might see the two go together for the next level of the puzzle. it will make looking back to those days when it was only choosing what is behind doors a, b, or c seem simple…

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