walking through the garden today there were probably 20 different daylilies in bloom. Stella’s Ruffled Fingers is doing her usual persistent job. given good weather and a regular supplement of water she will bloom most of the season. that means reblooming there are only about 9 blooms per scape. and then she sends up more scapes. she took a short break two weeks ago and she has been blooming again. several of her seedlings are working to keep up to her. perhaps their rebloom is not as steady yet. still the possibility is there. there are late flowers blooming away. and there are surprise flower joining in. flowers that are sprouting proliferations and blooms on what a few days ago was an empty flower scape. the daylilies like to play. to join in with the garden fairies on what we call surprises. so when i say there were 20 daylilies blooming there are at least another 10 that have buds developing. bloom will diminish and fade. and at the same time it will continue to surprise. now to find the flower that goes with this ramble…


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