each day the season fades a little more. and the blooms seem to be more precious. like daylilies they do there strange little things this one has what looks like two extra petals going off in other directions. they are actually growing from the stamen. and if you look closely they pollen capsule is stuck in that extra tissue. daylilies – keep your trivia note book handy. the unexpected is possible…


8 thoughts on “thoughts

    1. John Hric Post author

      Michel – I am going to keep the plant this flower bloomed on. If I understand your question correctly the answer is no. To keep the form of a certain plant and get more plants just like it I would increase vegitatively. New fans or divisions of this plant would give exact copies of the original plant. This may possibly be done after further evaluation of the plant. I like the new combination of qualities in this plant. Both for the look and behavior of this plant. And for qualities it may give new seedlings. Seedling rarely give the same plant form. They do not breed true to either parent. They change. Sometimes they change a little. Sometimes they change a lot. When I look for change I use seeds. Hybridizing is making seeds. To keep the form of one plant I use plant divisions. Vegitative increase. No seeds involved. Does that answer your question ?

      1. fauquetmichel

        Thanks John. I understand well to keep the caracters of a flower you use the vegetative multiplication . I think this plant has tubers that are easy to divise and so you can multiply the flower.
        Excuse my poorEnglish and the typing errors! 🙂

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