making more holes in the garden. taking plants out. planning to move plants in to those newly emptied spaces. and planning to empty that seedling bed for new seeds next spring. would it be a terribly corny thing to say it is a holey task and i dig it ? hmmm too late. there are about a dozen keepers that need to find a spot in the first round of moves. and 30 or so in the second round of moves. and several more moves to clean out the rest of the seedling bed. i need to stop counting. the days are getting shorter. and i am not getting any younger. and while i can move these plants right up until the ground freezes it is better if the roots have as much time a possible to get established for next spring. and while this shuffle is taking place the labels need to move with the plants. and hopefully land with the same plant they started out with. sure what could go wrong…

25 thoughts on “shuffle

    1. John Hric Post author

      Strangely enough most of the labels do follow the correct plant. Except for the ones that follow not at all. Or those that were pre-lost. And now need a new label assigned sans parental history. Or even without a color and height description. I do have one or two this year that have a ‘not’ note attached. Not the description on the label and modified to the new description. And maintaining a positive attitude there is a plant I want to keep and move to a new growing location. Thanks beth !

    1. John Hric Post author

      You are too kind. And I keep my delusions firmly stapled to the ground. Yes much much too soon. I am just a worker bee in the garden. Most of the time quite content. If only the fertilizer would cause growth of the ground and increase the size of this plot. Then I would have a little more room for these extra daylilies that keep popping up. I wonder who in blazes keeps planting more ? Now if we are indeed in Her image I guess we all could be. Potentially. And as soon as I finish the second cup of coffee I had better dust off the sacred shovel and get at it. This is gonna take way more than seven days. One last deity question. Before She said let there be light was a pot of tea brewed ? Keep calm and creation on.

      1. John Hric Post author

        The edge is two colors. Inside is a purple that is the color of the eye. The outside edge is a white. No doubt the ruffles and their shadows add to the chaos.

      2. John Hric Post author

        So does it come across as shades of grey ? It makes me wonder what I would see if the picture could be filtered to grey out the purple? It takes me in thought about differences in perception. And it will give me a wry thought the next time I hear ‘roses are red and violets are blue.’ Makes me want to ask why are they named violets if they are blue. Call Cheryl and tell her to stock up for next Saturday’s session. Can we put blueberries in David’s bourbon ? Thanks for your questions Dan.

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