what is tet ?

more tetraploid Open Hearth kids. first a slight diversion. where do tetraploids come from ? most daylilies in nature have 22 chromosomes. this is referred to as diploids. the exception being the fulva variety sometimes called ditch lily. fulva has 33 chromosomes. it is a triploid. the extra set of chromosomes makes it effectively sterile. like most commercial farm crops some daylilies have been altered by humankind. diploid daylilies have been treated with colchicine to double the number of chromosomes from 22 to 44. resulting in a tetraploid plant. the process using this chemical is dangerous. i do not do it. and at this point in time there are as many tetraploid varieties as there are diploids. generally speaking the extra set of chromosomes doubly reinforce plant traits. it makes the plant stockier compared to the average diploid plant. this is a generalization. and visually there is no way to tell a diploid from a tetraploid. in practice you cannot cross a diploid plant with a tetraploid plant. my garden has both a diploid Open Hearth and a tetraploid version. tonight’s flower is a tet ( tetraploid ) cross of Open Hearth. relax there is no quiz at the end of this post…


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