there is a new documentary making the rounds. it is about several things. one being global warming. another being current farming conventions. another farming in the way nature grows things. it is also about farming profitably. and of course carbon sequestration. somewhere near the beginning it tells the story of a farmer who lost two seasons crops to hail. and lost the next season crop to drought. it is an interesting watch all the way around. it is called ‘kiss the ground.’ it will be available on october 22nd for free viewing on if you have netflix you can view it there now. tell a friend. caution i am about to add an obligatory flower…


4 thoughts on “ground

  1. navasolanature

    Interesting documentary. I watched Dr Rattan Lal from Ohio University talk about Regenerative Agriculture. He’s on You Tube too. Glad you posted the Lily too. Your varieties are amazing.


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