fall day

today was a day of blue skies, balding trees, and long shadows. the sky was perfect blue. the black walnut is dropping leaves. you can look through it and see the sky and clouds. and the shadows on the north side of the house run 30 feet covering the bed that in summer is always in full sun. the cherry tomato has lost nearly all its leaves. the remaining few fruits look like the ornaments on a charlie brown christmas tree. moving seedlings continues. the secondary review bed that was just cleared of old seedlings is almost refilled. the dig continues. and another daylily has decided there is time for one more flower scape. surprise…


9 thoughts on “fall day

    1. John Hric Post author

      Glad to hear you have things buttoned up. We are getting closer to that point. Of course there will be some yard time on the better days updating the spread sheets so I know what plants left the garden and where the newer seedlings and other moves landed. And some labels will be updated. As for the snow that is a good thing… for the garden. And done moderately and carefully the shoveling is a good thing to keep us in shape for next spring.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Dan. Glad to hear they were able to fix the notifications. I need to keep digging. Sun today and tomorrow. Then four days of rain. I am almost there.

  1. M. Oniker

    So glad to see the garden, and your blog, still going. “the remaining few fruits look like the ornaments on a charlie brown christmas tree.” They do! That turn of phrase was lovely. And I want some of those tomatoes, please. Can you moosh them through the usb port?


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