oh poly

yes with one ‘L’. oh the capitals letters we have to use to avoid confusion. now to continue without lament. getting back to poly. it is short for polymerous. and without getting caught up in the rational or evolution of this description it means the flower has many or extra petals. the typical daylily has three sepals forming the outside of the flower bud. once it opens the sepals are in back and the petals which were inside the unopened bud are in front of the sepals. there are typically 3 petals. one for each sepal. each flower typically has 6 petals and sepals. except for those poly times when there are more. on those occasions there can be 8, 10, or 12. any daylily can do this and it is a random event. some daylilies do this on a more regular basis. tonight’s flower Give Me Eight behaves this way more often. it has other nice qualities that it passes along to its seedlings. it has other crosses to try here. perhaps last night’s flower will be among them… oh please pay little attention to the small petaloids in the center of the flower. daylilies have a certain penchant for weird random behaviors. some of them are even entrancingly becoming…

4 thoughts on “oh poly

  1. Dan Antion

    Thanks for a little education, John. I’m beginning to understand how much I don’t know. I love the little twisted and ruffled petaloids, and I quite like using that word.

    1. John Hric Post author

      The daylilies do an excellent job of beating me over the head with what I don’t know. We will go with versatile and complex rather than obtuse.


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