the flowers bring their own surprise. two parent plants sometimes hint what will be. sometimes there is an inkling of what might come to be. an intuition. or a lucky guess. and sometimes something new is revealed. and new possibilities are unfurled. the parents first. a yellow seedling from (Monster x a lavender seedling x Freak Show x Coleman Hawkins). and crossed with a purple flower called Trahlyta. and last the seedling dressed to thrill in something red. now where was i going ? oh yeah shift…

2 thoughts on “shift

  1. John Hric Post author

    Probably too much information Dan. A lot of times plain yellow going up against anything else comes back plain yellow. It is not your standard color mixing formula. You can have several different colors come out of the same cross. And this is what I coulda shoulda said. What is that phrase – keep it simple st_ _ _ _. I might just figure it out some day. Glad you enjoyed the flowers. Thanks Dan.


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