not a movie

the late night garden post. usually i watch a movie. not tonight. it is election season. which will end before medicare enrollment season ends. and that should put things even closer to the next garden season. there are two seed pods still out in the garden. most likely they will not ripen in time before the frosts hit. and no we have not had a frost yet. lake affect warming is a thing here in the fall. and yes it also makes great lake affect clouds until or if the lake freezes over. getting back to no frost yet the forecast looks good until at least next tuesday. there are still two daylilies with buds on them. and a third plant just proved it is not reading the calendar either. it just sent up a flower scape too. stubborn little thing. i still have more plants to move. and with the mild weather this just might come to be done…


10 thoughts on “not a movie

    1. John Hric Post author

      When it gets cold enough lake or no lake we will get snow. Lake affect snow. Warm water with lots of cold flowing over makes for lots of snow. Especially on the heights south of us. And in the spring it delays bloom a week or two. Those heights will be in bloom and we will still be looking at buds almost ready but not quite.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Lauren. Lovely and picky. It does not want to be a pod parent ( seed pod)j. I have some new ideas for next spring. Try try try and try once more. Glad you enjoy this one.

      1. John Hric Post author

        Thanks Lauren. However I will give the daylilies most of the credit. There is a vast wealth of genetic traits to be explored there. I have heard it said that there are more genetic combinations in daylilies than there are stars in the sky. I like to say they are crayons for adults. Choose two flowers and put them together and see what they will do. And then see what the next generation will do. Glad you enjoy them !

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