sometimes the information is lost. or hidden. obscured. almost available. hidden in plane sight. this picture was taken this last june 28. a dribble of information. no other garden reference. and that is okay. based on the date and the flower size i might hazzard a guess. and that is all it would be. a guess. it could be something else. it might be Laguna Verde. i do know one thing for sure. it is the kind of flower i can enjoy. and i am sure that is good enough for tonight…


5 thoughts on “so

    1. John Hric Post author

      It is. It fits in the category called Unusual Form. UF is the short version. The twists and curls really work for me. They add another aspect to the garden that is frequently dominated by rounder shapes. The different shapes counter ballance one another. If everything were all the same well it is just that …all the same. Thanks Lauren !


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