this is Witches Brew. and this is the trail. it was crossed with a seedling Rajah x Purple Satellite. and it produced the last picture. first i will add the pictures. and then come back to this. Witches Brew is medium height with orange petals and an orange red eye zone. the Rajah x Purple Satellite is a very pale orange with an orange red eye and a shorter height. it also has a green throat. the new seedling is taller like Witches Brew. it has a not so pale golden orange petals. and the orange red eye zone of both parents is not there at all. it also seems to have a little better branching than Witches Brew. it is a first year seedling so it needs time to mature. it is possible its complexion may change as it does. the waiting begins. explaining is a good thing. sometimes even the explainer learns things. and that certainly makes it worth the effort. and it is often a good thing to pick up the trail and stir the genetics one more time. then that is the point of this game stirring…


5 thoughts on “trails

    1. John Hric Post author

      Curious and curiouser John. There is lots of stuff hidden back under those genetics. Never quite know what will be revealed and what will be removed. Thanks


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