sometimes it is a good thing to be wise. or at least close to wise. i try to include a variety of flowers. though i am more often inclined to post the flowers that fascinate me most of late. so tonight variety holds sway. this one is called Wisest of Wizards. it is a round form where the petals and sepals overlap creating a round or circular form. sneaking into the picture larkspur. on a lark at the spur of the moment…


11 thoughts on “wise

    1. John Hric Post author

      we will give the neighbor’s tree most of the credit for the light. and the flower brings a bunch of shades of apricot, pink, and peach to the picture. even the larkspur gets some points on adding to the light in the composition. glad you enjoy it.

  1. macalder02

    That impulse of yours is reflected in this wonderful photograph. To appreciate it carefully and enjoy the beauty that nature and its art offer us.
    Good weekend to you
    Manuel Angel


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