this is not about politics. this is about looking right past the politics and not seeing what is in front. in clear sight. as i write there are 257,000 lives lost. millions sick. hospitals without enough doctors and nurses for patients. lives that have been lied to. lives that have been used by others. don’t wear a mask. there are not enough masks. wearing the mask will give you the virus. don’t live in fear you do not need the mask. the virus is a hoax. down play the virus. the virus is their fault. they sent the virus. i stopped the virus. the virus will disappear tomorrow. so many lies it is hard to tell where they start and where they end. we are rounding the corner on the virus. the vaccine will arrive just before the election. we are testing too much. that is why there is so much virus. stop testing. and the lies go on. the lies are spread by the liar himself. and by the party who supports his lies. in conspiracy afraid to lose power. in conspiracy afraid of the liar. and the media who repeats his lies. media who spread conspiracy to support the lies. and still the people die. they die repeating the lies that are killing them. they do not have the virus. i do not have the virus they tell the icu staff this on their death bed. if the medical staff repeat the virus warnings to the public they and their families receive death threats. governors who try to stop the virus they too get death threats. still we are too smart. too sophisticated to see this for what it is. the liar, the party who lies with him, and the media who propagate the lies want power. at what price ? genocide pure and simple. pure evil. and this time we are all fair game.

for the weary victims of this evil. for the departed victims of this evil. prayers… and more prayers to wake up the living… awake ! stop the genocide

12 thoughts on “weary

  1. parkartist

    Well said. Lets hope your nightmare ends soon. The flowers you post are are lovely even though they are asleep at the moment, but my little “Penny’s worth is still bringing sunshine with its bright yellow blooms.We do live in the mild South of England.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Thanks Rita. I hope it ends soon too. Glad you enjoy the flowers. Glad to hear Penny’s Worth is still blooming for you. The last of the stubborn ones here have given up the ghost for this year. We are just finishing up putting the garden to bed for the winter. We are just south of Lake Erie and still enjoying the lingering “Lake effects”. It has been chilly indeed, still no frost yet. We have a little petunia still carrying a few stunted flowers. Stay well Rita.

  2. Dan Antion

    Thanks for continuing to bring us beauty to enjoy, John. I wish this had not become such a divisive issue. I think we could have done much better working together.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Dan the liar(s) have worked up the divisive. If we step back and look there is no excuse for the killing of a quarter of a million people. We/they have walked away from science and medicine. The fact that patients are denying the disease as it kills them. Telling nurses and doctors they don’t have the virus is totally insane. The very ones doing the lying know the truth yet they will never admit it in public. They dance around the virus hoax story one day and the mask give people the virus the next day. And some people buy it. And while this is happening the ERs and the ICUs fill up and we park over flow morgues on wheels at the back door. The liar, his party, and enabling media that supports them are on a genocide mission. They have no qualm about how many they kill. Even if the liar were to win he has no plan to distribute the vaccines. And he will do anything he can to interrupt Biden and the medical establishment. I am looking past around through the politics. This is not politics. It is genocide. Pure evil. And none of them seem the least bit inclined to step away from the evil.

  3. niasunset

    As if you are living in here and you talked for us too… Exactly same dear John. I don’t know what to say more… weary, so weary… My heart cries… Sometimes I am being hopeless (especially with our politicians) and sometimes I do believe that everything would be fine… I am in between, sometimes I get crazy and I am afraid to lose my mental health… They, none of them manage the world of 21. century… They said communism almost finished, but capitalizm too… we will die as individuals of this world where there are not justice, equality and rightness… Thank you, Love, nia


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