fibonacci gravy

i had to google fibonacci to get the spelling right. so we could discuss this daylily that is almost spiraling out of control. or it might be coiling to leap out of the garden. of course google had to show off and talk about fibonacci squares. and on top of that they went so far as to reveal fibonacci sequin. except they can’t spell and called it sequence. silly google. now back to the daylily. i would love to see a daylily decked out in fibonacci sequin all sparkly and dazzling in the sun. ps asking for a friend. is it really dangerous to mix poetic license with numeric principles. i googled that and there was just a reference. see journalism working without an editor named annette.

ps ps – someone advertantly spilled jargon and colloquialism all over this page just as i clicked ‘publish’. and the unpublish button is getting new furbishes from the happiness engineers. it is times like these you miss annette more than i do.

16 thoughts on “fibonacci gravy

  1. niasunset

    Dear John, In my admin page, about my followers’ list something happened. Went wrongly… And I noticed that there are many blog names (most of them I haven’t invited) what did happen I don’t know but we talked with WP, so I tried to delete them who I don’t know. But I noticed that your name wasn’t on the list and you can follow me… Almost everything is strange. Please, if you can’t enter my blog, send me a request, Sorry for this mess. Thank you, Love, nia

  2. Dan Antion

    I am always up for stirring mathematical principles into the batter of description. Thanks for the the smile and a nod toward beauty on this special day.

    Happy Thanksgiving John!

  3. Gradmama2011

    Ah ha! Although my math skills are negative-zero, the Fibonacci Sequence is nonetheless one of my very top favorite things. “I suspected the Fibonacci Sequins” had something to do with beading. Also who knew that Ringo Starr is the voice behind the Powderpuffgirls character by the same name? I know…too much information is not necessarily a good thing, sometimes I don’t get a joke… this is why people hate me.


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