every year there are new favorites. plants that i simply want to see more of. plants that fascinate and tease. some of these are bought. magic and sparkle found by others. some are grown here. some last a year or two and slip away. some became faves years ago and still sparkle oh so brightly. a few fade and struggle for a year or two because of crowding or weather. they are not all as fond of my garden as i am. most ways you look at it i like too many each year and hold on to too many over the years. it is a wonder that there are other flowers besides the daylilies. mother nature has her faves too. so the daffodils, larkspur, lupine, clover, dandelions, and crocus generally ignore my whims. this one has the curls that should keep it here for a few years and then some…

6 thoughts on “faves

    1. John Hric Post author

      Some days it just takes lots of extra three finger pondering. It is the days after the decision is made and then wanting to use a plant that is gone in a cross that are a bit more vexing.


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