and still a fave. Morticia is an older flower. some might consider it fairly common by today’s standards. it has not lost its sparkle for me. never be afraid to like what you like…


10 thoughts on “simple

    1. John Hric Post author

      Timeless always leads me to rosemary and sageless. Is there a word association thesaurus vaccination coming out soon ? Oh in regards to daylilies their timeless beauty lasts only a day. Now if they are planted in a mature clump another timeless beauty will frequently replace it the following day. What is your favorite philosophical discussion flavor of tea ? Or does philosophy require something stronger ? Happy Thursday Pam.

      1. quiall

        Well, since were talking about plants I guess a Rosehip tea (green). But a philosophy discussion I think would require a stronger tea say a Cream of Avalon (black). And quite frankly perhaps a chaser of Bordeaux.

    1. John Hric Post author

      It is. The name always reminds me of the TV Morticia blissfully removing the flowers from a bouquet of roses. I believe it was so she could properly admire the thorns. And their piercing beauty. Ah the eye of the beholder…


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