somewhen between 10 PM and 2 AM i search for a flower picture. preferably new. it should be easy there are enough in the yard during summer. some might say too many. if the yard were bigger i would have more. after i find a picture it is search again. has the flower been on the blog lately or at all. i try to ignore the latest dozen or two that have captured my hearth and imagination. the target rule is nothing more recent than a month. i might not be bored still i would rather you don’t get bored either. the happy message from the search is ‘not found.’ sure i have a perfect memory. the question is permanent for what ? back to the flower. tonight’s flower is a nothing found flower. it is a seedling from the beginning of last summer. for the post my sentiments are secondary. i hope you find something you enjoy in the flower. or it inspires to take a moment longer to look at any bit of nature a few minutes longer than a blink. that it generates a pleasant memory…

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