biology over vocabulary. mostly plant based. and minimize the words…


12 thoughts on “plant

  1. niasunset

    “biology over vocabulary. mostly plant based. and minimize the words…”
    Why minimize the words… I love words especially if explaining more and more details… You know I am crazy with words, in these days I am trying to express myself without using “e” letter in this language, I try to find another ways to express… I try to make difficult… anyway. I love your plants especially their colours, every each of them is a special one…Thank you dear John, Love, nia

    1. John Hric Post author

      Some days I like to let the plant do the showing and the talking. To let visitors put their own words to the flower. Otherwise the words are just fine. I always enjoy your reaction and other readers. Glad you find the flowers pleasing. Thanks nia !

      1. niasunset

        Welcome dear John, you are so nice, I understand what you mean. Always beautiful to be in your flowers’ world, I can’t imagine to be there… Love, nia

    1. John Hric Post author

      Glad we found your favorite today Dan. Thanks. Or was it two days ago. I must have gotten stuck in that other room… Hope you are not having too much ‘fun’ with the snow. We are getting some sort of aftermath lake-effect snow. We were on the edge of the storm. There are a couple inches on the grass while the pavement had some residual heat. It melted down to just a thin coat. And I expect ice on the bottom.


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