what lola wants

or what daylilies might do. there are two pictures. one is an average day. one is a surprise day. surprise here is what i can do. find two daylilies that do the same surprise and cross them together. and it suddenly becomes possible that the children from that cross are dependable. they behave that way each day. so to rephrase what genetics hold can be revealed…

this is an average day

this is the same plant with a slightly different look. the midrib, the line down the center of the petals have a blade of raised tissue. what the genetics hold can be revealed. and if hybridizers work at it they can be not only revealed. they can be made the regular and permanent trait.

6 thoughts on “what lola wants

  1. John Hric Post author

    It would be more impressive if I found the finished flower someone has made from this. And I should say one of the finished flowers. There is a toothy version. Spikey teeth around the edges of both the sepals and petals. And more spikey teeth right down the middle of all three petals. The other one is all smooth edges with each of the petal midribs having a very consistent crest of 4 or 5 ribs running the length of the petal. I am trying to find that picture again. Someone has created that flower and I have not been able to find it again. It is probably hiding on Face Book in one of the 15 or so groups. Here is the spikey version. Just a wee bit busy for illustration purposes.


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