not the color between red and yellow. that is too easy. there are other parts of this flower to catch one’s attention. there is the shape. there are ruffles. there is a red eye. and there is even the paler shade of sepals curling back. bashful and trying to hide. and not quite succeeding. it is all part of the whole. none of it is to be ignored…


14 thoughts on “not

  1. TamrahJo

    It looks like the shades of sunset after a thunderstorm rolls through and the sun sets in the west while most of the sky is still full of dark purple/green storm clouds to the east – – It also resembles photos other’s have shared with me of sunset in Hawaii or Florida – which I doubt, I’ll ever witness first hand – 🙂 But it is so ‘purdy!’ – and, in my opinion, shouldn’t have the blog label of ‘not’ – – LOL I viewed (soley as my testament to my readership/following and because the pic is displayed and I don’t pay much attention to the title for your blog – really – !) and well – – okey dokey – your blog – but I don’t view, read and see a ‘not’ – I view, read and say, “HERE! Right HERE! IS IT in another manifestation” — but that’s just me and my filters – – Love this flower and post – AND sharing why I love, even though I’m not a headlines copywriter guru – – LOL


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