who ?

you sent who to find another flower ? and you want him to come back with just one maybe two flowers ? that might be a little like sending a kid into a candy shop and expect them to come out with just one piece of candy. what could go wrong ? never mind. we are running out of time. hopefully he won’t get lost looking at too many pictures before he chooses one. i mean just how many pictures could he take last summer ? you are not suggesting he could wander into pictures from the summer before that ? … you are not are you ? ! ? ! ?

12 thoughts on “who ?

    1. John Hric Post author

      The non blooming season trips to the photo library are a dangerous thing. You know Arnold ‘I’ll be back’ with a ‘sooner or much later’ clause attached.

  1. TamrahJo

    LOL! I worked HARD! to preserve and protect the cream and purple iris that just ‘showed up’ in my heirloom white/purple iris bed …oh….so many years ago – mulching, no digging up/separation of the rest of the bed, etc. and well – – that purdy version still hasn’t shown back up in the subsequent years – – but hope springs eternal for THIS Year! As I send in my requests to Mother Nature’s ‘wish fullfillment center’ – LOL


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