2 or 3 more

these seedlings come from the same cross as last night. they are siblings to it. i am going to see if the block editor lets me do it the easy way or the slower way. if it works out you should see 3 new seedlings and then a repeat of last night’s flowers.

the siblings. the first and third one may be the same flower on different days. the weather and temperatures can shift purples from one day to the next. and the yellow green throats of those two look very similar. click on images for a larger image.

and this is their sibling from last night.

then the first set of parents

and the grand parents on one side.

oops and the grandparents on the other side. these are the parents of Venus of Willendorf

the copy of last night’s post to this one did not go as simple as i hoped. i did have to pull the images out of the media library.


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