not red

the eye may be red. for some reason i have been calling this red. the more i look at it dark pink is what i see. and push come to shove this hue is just fine. this is a small plant and flower. it is a new seedling and has not really been measured. the flower is about 4 inches 10 cm. the plant is about 24 inches 60.9 cm tall. and it looks like it is going to be a bitone with sepals that are just a bit lighter. it came out of the seedling bed this fall. time to keep watching how it matures…


10 thoughts on “not red

    1. John Hric Post author

      Apparently it is too subtle for me. I keep wanting to file it under red. And I concur file this one under pretty. Even if it does dwell down in the land of the fallen leaves. On the plus side it does not blow away and get tangled in fences. Thanks Dan

  1. Gradmama2011

    rose-pink. This is a pretty and interesting flower, three ruffled petals and two not-so-much.
    Color distinctions are arbitrary after basic rainbow colors , many shades of “red.”

  2. TamrahJo

    Looks like sunset pinkishorangyredandyellow to me, but in the end? Those sunsets that occur just once in awhile in the entire melding of the color spectrum, cuz, um, yea, there is a green deep below the outspreading cast of colors….LOL


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