or flowers. paint with one or the other. many of the flowers here are chosen for their possibilities. some have been used in crosses. some in a lot of crosses. some in just a few. and sometimes when i come back across one i wonder if i have used it. or used it not at all. still one can only paint so many pictures. and there are only so many walls to hang them on. only so much garden space. so sooner or later there may be a picture that this one belongs in. or not. and actually this one has made it to a seedling. so just relax and pick up the paint brush. or the crayon. or the pollen…


7 thoughts on “crayons

  1. TamrahJo

    I admire your artistry with landscape, a brush and pollen – And your organization, dedication! Me? Throw the seed out in a space that is weeded/babied until they are established, then walk around each day to yank a weed OR just gaze upon the bed and think, “hmmmm….now isn’t that interesting? I don’t remember planting that seed? But it LOOKS like the seed I tried in that plot 2 …wait….3 years ago? Whaddya know? It finally ‘woke up’ this year!” – – LOL. my unofficial title is the lazy haphazard gardener…… 😀


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