checking crayons

or daylilies. God’s Gift to Warthogs is one of the daylilies here in the garden. why should i check this crayon er daylily ? well it is supposed to 5 inches 12.7 cm tall and have 5 branches and 45 buds when it blooms. it blooms late in the season. so this might be a good candidate to cross to other late blooming flowers. at least that is the general plan…

5 thoughts on “checking crayons

  1. Gradmama2011

    Why is a crayon like a daylily? Why is this lovely bloom called “God’s gift to warthogs?” Your daily daylilies (nice ring) pics have made in me a new appreciation of my collection of daylilies. I have several, each a different color or a different shade. They are each beautiful in their own way…one even has a grasshopper posing hoping to get some publicity….spring is near!

    I enjoy your daily daylily girl…


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