between red and white

during the summer it is simpler. go through the garden camera in hand and take pictures of what is blooming today. even if there are 10 or 20 impossible choices sooner or later one will work its way to the top. choice made. off season it is a different game. wander into the folders. no problem there are hundreds of pictures to choose from. wandering the folder problem. there are hundreds of pictures to choose from. oh that one is pretty. oh did i post that one yesterday ? the day before ? or the week before ? fortunately the brain is not frozen. is it ? enter Windswept Afternoon. it graduated from a number to a name this past season. so after an exhausting or at least bumbling search of name, number, and pink here it is. and yes it is tall enough to sway in the wind…


8 thoughts on “between red and white

  1. TamrahJo

    OOH! I LOVE this one! What a delicate and pastel brush smudged across it’s canvas! :D. On the photos/folders? I post, compile emails, share at social media, email things – and well, within each folder? I have a system to mark ones ‘sent’ out into world and which ones not – which keeps me somewhat on track – – I have a ‘quotes’ document – that I update when I run across a quote I like — currently? Have to label to remember where I shared, so I don’t become repetitious in emails, posts, etc. LOL. And sometimes, I read through the quotes list and think, ‘now just why did I think that was so grand at the time?” – It’s a short-jot journal, in it’s own way – – LOL

    1. John Hric Post author

      I have thought about a ‘journal’ approach. And some day I might train me. Or not. I already have a spread sheet and a separate database to track all the garden plants and the unique seedling names. Plus using an upload folder and the WP media file to ‘check on what was recently used.’ I appreciate the suggestion. It is a contest.

      1. TamrahJo

        Sounds like you just need to add one column to your spread sheets/and or database that gives option to add ‘labels’ – for where shared at – :). I’m about to move my quotes document into a database at Airtable, (free up to 1200 records) so i can label, shared at: WordPress, weekly email, newsletter, Facebook, etc. LOL

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