where ?

kinda like where’s waldo. without the red and white striped cap. take a slightly oversized urban yard and put enough flowers in it to fill it to the brim. every fall and spring play musical chairs with the flowers. when the music stops somebody goes. and every spring plant about 600 seeds because you just don’t have enough plants. and each fall empty 2 of those 6 seedling beds. empty as in keep the 50 or so plants you cannot bear to part with. and find some elsewhere for those 400 or so other plants to go. oh and don’t forget those 50 plants you chose 3 years ago. they are on the block too. keepers go into the main garden. somebody comes out of the main garden to make room. repeat on a yearly basis. in between remember that question. where did that flower go ? grow ? check the spreadsheet. check the photos. usually they do get found. or we go into extra bonus rounds of where. look for a plant missing a label. look. look. and look again. sometimes it takes a while. sometimes the plant is just gone. glad i am keeping my eye on this one…


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