every cross the genes are stirred. depending on the cross we can sort out if they were stirred, whisked, chopped, or blended. this cross is between a big skinny spider and pattern that itself while not big and skinny is still a bit of a star. the cross is Alien Stardust x Heavenly Zebra Stripes. this past summer two of five seedlings bloomed. so more surprises may be in store. part of this cross is to see if the pattern will show up in the seedlings…


9 thoughts on “stirring

  1. Washe Koda

    Beautiful ❗️ I miss my Day Lilies 😢 Can You help me out with some assorted tubers (½ dozen or so) 402 W 8th Ave Johnson City, Tennessee 37604 ( 💲 is no object, You will be compensated 😉 (cash, check, or card) 🙂 I have put good soil in my garden and promise not to spread spent cat litter in there anymore ❗️


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