purple with ruffles

this is Cup of Cold Water. it is purple with a chalk eye. and a light purple edge dressed in ruffles…

17 thoughts on “purple with ruffles

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  2. roberta4949

    very pretty it used to be if I remember correctly that orange and yellows were all you could get in these daylilys, by the way do you find it hard to find beautiful plants for ohio? I do, I finally found roses that do well here, shocking I know, one is ghislan de degood, did not spell it right it is a rambler rose, the flowers start out as peach then pink then white even on the same flowe rand I dont have to protect for winter, my new dawn is a bit small right now but that is because I moved it and it had alot of damage from bugs eating on the roots perhaps? anyway gardening in the northern climes is always hard/challenging.

    1. John Hric Post author

      We got our dose of April snow on the tails of several lovely warm days two days prior. The daylilys are usually quite hardy so the Ohio weather seldom slows them down much. And they dominate the summer garden here. The columbine and lupine while short lived perennials here do a good job of reseeding themselves. Likewise the carnation poppies and larkspur have done a good job of spreading through the yard. So we mostly thin them back so they don’t stunt the daylilies. Dare I say it and ruin things we doing just fine having plenty of beautiful plants. There are plenty of red, pinks, lavenders, purples, whites, and almost black varieties to choose from now with the daylilies. Your rose sounds lovely. Is it fragrant ? Glad you were able to successfully move it. Thanks

    1. John Hric Post author

      Pruffles have prufemes. You are doing just fine. Pause for three fingers and proceed as you are inclined. I may have to watch Cady Shack tonight…


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