this is not a Highland Pinched Fingers seedling. it is a cross of two skinny seedlings Flying Carpet x Pygmy Pirate) x Heavenly Fire Arrow crossed with Embassy x tet Skinwalker seedling. except this seedling is not so skinny. there should be three or four other seedlings from the same cross and they should bloom this summer. there are no guarantees. just trial and wait and see.


6 thoughts on “seedling

    1. John Hric Post author

      While not exclusively my tastes and hybridizing direction lie in the area where the individual petals stand out. Where they are not completely lost in a solid flower. And having said that it is not likened to a fault. It is in maintaining variety. I want to see star shapes standing out. And the undulating dancing petals of what is often described as unusual forms. A garden with only solid disks of petals is like limiting a museum to one art period. And no none of us has to be a huge fan of all the various forms. So keep enjoying what pleases you most. What continues to amaze me is the incredible variety that exists in the daylily genes. They can exist in similar realms to the orchids, the dahlias, the pansies, and several other flower forms. Thanks Judy.


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