keep calm

and look for scapes. and it the process is smart and methodical they just might be found. like on 4 or 5 different plants. including this one. which just might be saying it is indeed time. there are 4 scapes showing. using the classic analog hours there are scapes at twelve, three, six, and nine…

9 thoughts on “keep calm

  1. TamrahJo

    I have one ‘weed’? on my place that showed up in bare, pet ground of inner pen, for first time ever, last year after 10 dry seasons of drought (little snow, little rain, little hail, etc.) and I gazed upon it again today – thinking, ‘it’s groundcover and protects the soil – should I rip out just because I’m not certain what it is?” No one else, with longer experience in cycles here where I live, can identify it – it grows green, grows short and I’ve never let it ‘live long enough’ to see if it blossoms or goes to seed – debating whether, this year, I’m up for trying to set up yet another ‘test patch to protect from me/observe for a few years’ plot – LOL

    1. John Hric Post author

      There is a cell phone app called ‘picture this’ to identify plants. It is a collaboration of experts. You might try that to identify your weed. It is probably not rare if it showed up in the pet ground. Just my unqualified hunch. Weeds are not typically rare invasive plants. Good luck identifying it.

      1. TamrahJo

        I haven’t installed Local Geography, painstakingly built ‘apps’ on my phone, yet, cuz when I’m outdoors? computer/iphone are ‘left to rest while I go play/no work” – operations! LOL – – After 3rd season of observing – local friends who work for Conservation District, National Conservation District, 3-6th generation farmer/rancher families? I am about decided to carve out a protected space and see what happens, if I let it go – how high it gets – does it bloom? as a flower or go to seed, like a native grass? the pet pen is just area pummeled by urination/defecation AND ‘love of mulched/planted areas’ which was burrowed into then, then moved from outdoors into house by fur coat, little by little and well? To me? Mother Nature shows up to ‘protect bare ground from erosion’ however she can – either what shows up plays nice or it doesn’t – – LOL… Since my beloved ‘moving the heavy mulch from one place to another for ya!” pack mate passed away last week? thinking, perhaps, I can keep on top of a ‘test plot’ where the bare ground in drought years, and dug down in layers of 1,000 year viable seeds were exposed to light, air, mositure, sprouted – and just learn more in the ‘wait and see’ operations! LOL – – apps and learning more and how-toing guides are all useful, but If I can just bear to wait and see, and do the work if I waited to see, for too long to recognize the ‘enemy’ to me/mine’ on my place? History tells me, it pays off rich dividends – LOL

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