when the same plant is crossed to itself that is called a self. as in a self pollenated plant. the result can be mixed. it can reinforce traits like the look of the flower. or the color. it can also have a downside reinforcing undesired traits. and one just does not know until you try it and see the results. this seedling is the result of a self. Vertical Horizon was selfed. the most obvious result was a white flower instead of lavender. other results need to be determined by more crosses…


12 thoughts on “self

  1. John Hric Post author

    Basically it is just another variation of line breeding. With plants it is an option. With daylilies there is something of a built in reluctance to do this. Most daylilies will not readily self. So that adds some weight to you little bit odd argument. Line breeding and selfing both run the risk of bringing out undesirable traits. It is a roll of the dice.

    1. John Hric Post author

      Any time. At least any time i have an idea what the deal is. Mother nature doles out her story in little bits for all of us to learn.


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