a little surprise

i checked the usual suspects this morning. they were all one more day closer to blooming. then it was time to fill the bird baths. and scrub them too. bird bath ring ! imagine my surprise when this little one showed its face. Red Squirrel is blooming. it is registered as an early and mid season bloomer. and it is the first time it has opened the bloom season here. it grows to 24 inches 61 cm tall and has a 3.5 inch 9 cm bloom. so yes it is a little one…


9 thoughts on “a little surprise

  1. Prior...

    hi John
    i can imagine your surprise and how fun to see to see the red squirrel bloom!
    i saw my first rose of sharon bloom a few weeks ago and there is something special about it
    and all the more when you were just washing the bird bath and there it was

  2. Mary Strong-Spaid

    You have such a variety of flowers! Spring is basically over for San Antonio, I think. Yesterday it was 97 degrees (F) with a heat index of 105. The Vinca flowers don’t seem to mind the hot weather, but the daisies and petunias are sad.


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