where i did not look

yesterday the first new seedling of 2021 bloomed. and during the course of the day another new seedling started to open. slowly. by 7 pm it was not quite a trumpet. it should open over night. i guess i should type faster and go get a picture. then again coffee first. i have also seen several flowers where i did not look. flowers that snuck up on me. flowers that peeked out and with their bright colors exclaimed hey i am here ! daylilies do that kind of thing a lot. Shanghai Breeze did that to me yesterday. and a seedling did that to another gardener too. it did something new and in daylily fashion quite unexpected. Linda Ferguson posted this on one of the daylily pages i follow. usually the backs of petals are one color and rather plain. this seedling has an extra ostentatious set. as alice might say curious and curiouser. so without further ado Shanghai Breeze and a seedling from another garden. and do keep looking nature is full of surprises. thanks Linda !


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