what matter ?

poor english ? no. bad syntax ? no. out of context ? quite possibly. last night dealt with light. moon light. tonight. matter. dark matter. with distant galaxies peering through the gaps. at least that is my metaphor at this juncture in the time space dis-continuum. perhaps if dryer sheets were handy i would not be clinging to the metaphor so strongly. or is it the other way around ? and it clings to me with great static indifference ? it does resemble the universe that has educated me thus far. now bereft of words it would seem time to introduce the flower. a seedling. a brand new seedling. a seedling shedding bits of light from galaxies far far away. filtered by dark matter…

14 thoughts on “what matter ?

  1. John Hric Post author

    It was a busy day yesterday. Besides that it got too hot too quick. I almost had time to stretch the smile out to the ears. I only had time to snap a quick picture and we were on the run all day. I did not even have time to check if there was another bud ready to open today. It might be a day or two before this one blooms again. And there are siblings to check if I am not completely mistaken… Thanks Judy.

  2. Gradmama2011

    beautiful, I’d like to see siblings from this one…what’s her name? I really don’t have the vocabulary to discuss daylily propagation and geneology, and I hate to ask dumb questions… I need to consult that color theory chart you posted once, I can’t find it again.

      1. John Hric Post author

        I think it is one of those things that depend on who you are talking to. There are some with common sense and some with snoot. The ones with common sense are trying to enjoy the flowers and trying to keep the organization going in these days when all sorts of clubs are in declining membership.

      2. Gradmama2011

        So much beauty in this world that people just take for granted. My daughter next door has tiger lilies (I think) out by the corner of the lot, and I just happened to take some pics of them last week. Of course they were gone the next day, but they were gorgeous…I

      3. Gradmama2011

        I do that now, but in my younger days flowers were pretty…but usually ignored by me. I’m more into photograpy now, as well, which makes a difference. My camera is a lot smarter than me about f-stops and other camera details.

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