can you describe ?

this flower is an unusual collection of colors. the petals have undertones. the petals have a bit of a corduroy texture. and darker veins in between. a dark eye. and a green throat. still the quick and dirty description only scratches the surface. those details call for a second and perhaps third look. and perhaps, just perhaps a bit of caution before proceeding any further. take a look…

9 thoughts on “can you describe ?

  1. Gradmama2011

    I don’t know why this beauty reminds me of the Arizona desert, but it does. Shades of sand and roses? I love the “corduroy ridges,” and the sunburst effect of the green throat. Especially the color combination and its gradations…gorgeous colors.

      1. Gradmama2011

        One of my hobbies is beading, and when I saw this Lily I immediately saw it in a piece of jewelry. I am no artist, but I do see possibilities when I see them. The older I get the more into my less active hobbies.

  2. TamrahJo

    Dog Days Sherbet

    (orange, grape, lime swirled and textured to bring together the zest, the warmth, the fruits of ‘summer’ in Northern Hemispheres…was what I thought of first AND then,

    remembered the old, hand me down pants, made of corduroy, that I wore in the fields, that year we got good rain, and got 3 cuttings of hay off a thin strip of bottom land, and it was, since I was small, my job to ‘turn the bales to cure’ as I was too small to work around machinery or buck the bales for loading/stacking, and how those pants meant, my legs never got scratched or itchy from leaning up against the bales – and the sherbet made punch at a picnic, with sherbet ice cream and 7-up). – Thanks for the memories evoked from your picture/post!


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