repeat repeat

the seedling bed will be revealing new seedlings for the next several days. maybe even two weeks. no doubt there will be a few stragglers after that. mother nature and the plants have their own schedule. and all of the plants will pick their own time. some will be early. some will be on time. and some will do what ever they feel like this year. the seedling bed got its first weeding today. or at least the start. seeds are sprouting. and it is the same as the plants. different crosses will poke their noses above the ground when they are ready. it keeps the weeding interesting. though if i pull out the broadleaf sprouts first it is easier to see the sprouts and avoid pulling them out too. at this stage if they are accidently pulled out they go right back into the ground without much harm. tonight’s seedling has a pastel pattern in the eye zone. it comes from a round patterned flower crossed with a yellow long petaled flower…


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