dem genes

what do you get when you cross this flower with that flower ?` well let me work back from the flowers we have. the new seedling is mostly red. not perfect red. still close enough to red. its parents are not red. one parent is a peach or melon colored flower. Godzilla’s Winsome Atomic Smile. turns out it has pink in its history. and red and pink deeper in its history. on the other side it has a muddy red brown in its history. and deeper in its history a black red and a white. Apatosaurus. and along this historical lines mystery seedling colors here and there. lost to history colors. this leads me to believe that there are two genes in each flower controlling color. perhaps three genes in each flower controlling colors. at some point working with enough crosses a person might be able to make better sense of the rules and genes controlling color. maybe. it won’t be simple. and it will not be easy…


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